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Pacific tsunami fears following Chile quake

There were fears tonight a tsunami could wreak devastation across the Pacific after a massive earthquake in Chile.

More than 120 people were killed when the 8.8 magnitude quake struck the South American country early today.

It sent shockwaves out from the epicentre 70 miles from Chile’s second city Concepcion, causing buildings and bridges to collapse and catch fire.

The quake, the most powerful to hit the nation in 50 years, struck around 200 miles south west of the capital Santiago.

As powerful aftershocks caused further problems along the coast, tsunami warnings were issued in 53 countries around the Pacific Ocean – roughly a quarter of the globe. Read More

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Nintendo profits plunge

Gamers’ enthusiasm for keeping fit or playing tennis in their living rooms may be on the wane as sales of the Wii console plunged in the first half, slashing Nintendo’s profits and prompting the group to cut its full-year forecasts.
Nintendo said it had continued its strategy of “putting smiles on many people’s faces… regardless of …

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The next big thing in movies

North Acton is an unlikely outpost for Hollywood. Yet in a West London business park, in headquarters filled with film memorabilia, Lovefilm is plotting its rise. A life-sized model of Indiana Jones cracks his whip next to the reception desk, while Kung Fu Panda aims a kick at visitors. The walls are plastered with stills …

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WPP predicts profits boost

Advertising and media giant WPP today predicted a “marked improvement” in second-half profits but warned that consumer confidence remained fragile.
The company added that third quarter trading was “less worse” than the previous three months, with revenue declines slowing to 8.7 per cent.
But it said: “Confidence remains fragile amongst consumers, …

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Strikes deep into al-Qa’ida territory

After a sweep of a militant stronghold in the lawless tribal region of South Waziristan, the Pakistani army has recovered passports purportedly belonging to two leading al-Qa’ida figures, including a member of the notorious Hamburg cell that orchestrated September 11.
Among a pile of documents, photographs, weapons and computers seen by The Independent yesterday in Waziristan, …

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